Monday, January 18, 2010

Invitation to Join

Sister Liqueurs
Brooklyn's Favorite Cocktail Club

Interested in becoming a member? Membership is fun and easy!
•Members receive one 32oz bottle of handmade liqueur once a month (plus 1 extra surprise).
•Membership is for 3 months
•Members each pay $60 up front.
•Members pick up their share either at the monthly membership meeting or at Sister Liqueurs headquarters.

About Sister Liqueurs:
Sister Liqueurs is a new cocktail club in Brooklyn; think CSA but for Liqueurs. All Liqueurs are handmade, using organic herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. Sister Liqueurs has monthly membership meetings in the form of cocktail parties. Members can bring one guest per party. At the parties samples of different cocktails made with the liqueur of the month are available for enjoyment, along with recipe suggestions.

Sister Liqueurs came out of the founders love for making liqueurs and drinking cocktails with friends. No one really needs an excuse to throw a cocktail party, or to make liqueur, but who doesn’t like being party of cool clubs?

to join email: SisterLiqueurs (at) gmail. com

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