Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The concept is simple: Choose one fun thing to do each day (take a photograph, make the bed, draw a picture, bake a cake, etc) and do it every day in February.  Then share what you did at a big group Fun-A-Day Show the first week of March. 

I am going to have a different cocktail everyday.

I will try and photograph and make a recipe for each one, and then at the end of the month make a Recipe book.  

Feb 1: Spring Breezes, @Cozy Shack

Feb 2: Beer & Lime @ G's

Feb 3: Sarah Sunrise @ Winterfest

Feb 4: Mojito @SOBS

Feb 5: Whiskey on the Rocks @ Imperial Bikers

Feb 6: Wine Spritzer @ Cozy Shack

Feb 7: Mezcal Sour @ 1399

Feb 8: Mint Green Crafty Shack @ Cozy Shack

Feb 9: Honey Wine @ Ghenet

Feb 10: Hot Toddies @ Bergen B&B

Feb 11: Pisco Sour @ Bergen B&B

Feb 12: RVA @ RVA

Feb 13: Whiskeycycle @ RVA

Feb 14: Cherryaided @ Alamo BBQ VA

Feb 15: NZ Below @ Crafty Shack

Feb 16: Cranberry Gimlet @ the cozy Shack

Feb 17: Chocolate Bourbon Drop @ Cozy Shack

Feb 18: C27 @ Sackett & Columbia

Feb 19: Juniper Breeze @ Franklin Park

Feb 20: Brooklyn @ the Treehouse & White Wine @ Amorina

Feb 21: Mezcal Spice @ No. 7

Feb 22: Pear hearts Bourban @Crafty Shack

Feb 23: Dark & Stormies @ G's Bday

Feb 24: Wine @ Angelica's Kitchen

Feb 25: Margaritas @ Lobos

Feb 26: Neat & Pretty @ Union Hall

Feb 27: Whiskey on the rocks @ Franklin Park

Feb 28: Pims Cup & Ginertini @ Bar Sepia

Started in 2004 by a group of friends in Philadelphia, Fun-A-Day began as a way to stay creative and motivate each other to make things through the winter. Now in its seventh year, Fun-A-Day has grown from its Philadelphia roots--in 2010 there were 10 Fun-A-Day shows, organized by different art collectives and groups of friends across the country.  Check out what Fun-A-Day is all about and what others have done in the past from the Artclash Collective, the brilliant founders in Philadelphia: http://artclash.com/.

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